Quesiton about lessons


I am trying to get around with htis tool to learn czech language.

I just have one question, because maybe I am missing something.

I am taking a random lessons, for example.

Mis Lecciones > Dopisy / Emaily > 01. Doučování angličtiny, část 4, dílů 7

Should not be availalbe the whole translation into english for example on the right side? Instead of going word by word ?

I actually would love to be able to read the entire text in english to get an overall idea of what is the text about and then later on have the possibility to go word by word.
Am I missing something or this is just not available or it depends on the lesson or how does it work ?



Not all of the lessons have a full translation.
Going word by word will allow you to create lingQs. Those will be saved for review, and the marked words will show up highlighted, in every text!

Next to the details button you can see three smaller buttons. If a text is available as a translation you can find the translation by clicking on the book on the right side. (A little red circle with a number will sometimes appear over the book, meaning there is material available)

Hope I could help.
If you have more questions ask away!

@ kubikula Hi Jacobo, I’ve read somewhere that quite a few people use translate.google to get a gist of the whole text. Perhaps you could have them open side by side?