Quebecois Podcasts


I am interested in learning more about Quebecois and French as it is spoken in Canada. Can anyone recommend some good French Canadian podcasts?

Here on Lingq you’ve got “Conversations avec Serge et Marguerite”. Serge is a Frenchman and Marguerite a QuĂ©bĂ©coise:

And this site looks interesting as well:

What are the subjects you’re interested in ? Quels sont les sujets qui vous intĂ©ressent ?

I see that you’re learning Spanish and French. I speak French and English and learning Spanish. Perhaps we could work together towards a common objective, be it developing a basic command of spoken Spanish. I’m learning Spanish from English. I’m a native French speaker with a fair command of English. Contact me if you care to try to work something in the line of thinking here above. Keep in mind that I’m 75 years old.

That’s more of a joke than a factual regular way of speaking. A comparaison would be a group of actors playing hillbilly roles expressing themselves with a strong emphasis on typical hillbilly expressions of the worst kind, . do not think one should spend time studying such contents to increase its knowledge of spoken French. And moreover, jokes often do not cross cultural language barriers in an agreeable and useful manner.

Try these : 6 French podcasts you need to start listening to | CBC Radio

And some more podcasts - Enjoy ! : Reddit - Dive into anything

Is there a Quebecois podcast that you know which also provides the transcript?

I doubt it. I couldn’t find any.

you can try i use to watch a show there called l’epicerie it’s more of a food related show and it does have french subtitles you can turn on and off at the bottom of the screen however i don’t know if all the other programs have subtitles


Good choice. For spoken “QuĂ©bĂ©cois” I would however recommend TVA over Radio-Canada because Radio-Canada has a policy of speaking in neutral French (except for their Tv series), whereas TVA does not.

Thank you.

Here an interesting one : QUÉBÉCOIS POUR LES NULS | solangeteparle - YouTube
Solange te parle is a French blog. The blogger was brought up in QuĂ©bec and now lives in France, In the post here above she underlines differences between France’s French and QuĂ©bec’s.

I’d just find some real French content, stick it into Audacity and apply the ‘mouthful of blancmange’ filter et voilĂ , QuĂ©bĂ©cois.