QA: Problems encountered with new LingQ

I don’t know if this has been covered already, but I had posted this on Steve’s blog, and he said I should send it to the forums. I’m having difficulties with the following:

*Creating flashcards with phrases. When I select to highlight more than one word at a time, the last word of the phrase disappears from my screen. I don’t know what happens after that, as I tend to give up. I’m sticking with single words for now.

*Copying and pasting an entire sentence. LingQ puts the entire sentence into blue (deleting, I’m assuming, the last word of the sentence). This is not what I’d like to happen at all. I’d like to just copy and paste it to put it into the flashcard.

*Editing the flashcards. Related to copying and pasting, I have to manipulate the text on the screen in such a way that I can have the entire sentence in view while the flashcard is open. Then, I have to manually type the sentence into the flashcard. This is my work around to the problem, so all is not lost, but I don’t know if how it works currently is intuitive. I was hoping to be able to simply copy and paste the sentence to the flashcard, and then edit.

Some background that may or may not impact my situation: my account had been downgraded to the “free” status when I needed to upgrade my PayPal account with new information. It took me a couple of weeks to get to this. So, when I finally updated the information, and upgraded back to the Basic level, I opened a lesson to see that the entire body of text was now highlighted in blue, meaning I was going to have to go through it word by word to designate the majority of the words back to “Known.” I believe that prior to that, there might have been a handful, that I was going to create LingQs for, once having re-upgraded my account. I don’t know if this was a one-time thing, as that wasn’t the case for a new lesson, but I thought I’d bring this to your attention.

Other Thoughts: I have some expectations of how I think the flashcards should work, and I don’t know if this helps your design or not, but I’m trying to just outline my own thought process of what I’d expect, which is:

*Saving short phrases. Currently, I’m having little luck doing this, when I could to this before.

*Editing the saved words. There are times when a word might be reflexive, for example, or it might include a prefixe or suffixe, separate from the word in the actual sentence. I’d like to be able to edit the word itself to include these other parts to it appears in its infinitive in the flashcard.

That said, I think this product is amazing, and when I’ve got more time to devote to language learning, I will gladly upgrade to a higher level.

All for now. Apologies if this has been covered before.

Thanks much,


your points.

I do not have the problem saving phrases. It may be browser related. I know that this issue is on Mark’s list.

I have no problem highlighting a whole sentence. I cannot copy it and put it into my capture phrase area. However, if I create a LingQ or my highlighted sentence, I can copy from there, delete or keep this LingQ as I please, and paste the sentence into another LingQ in the Phrase area. This would enable you to paste a sentence to your flash card.

Some of the problems may be related to the blue disease that our system had this morning. I have no trouble doing what I described but it may not work for you. Try again and let us know and tell us what browser you are using.

It is not possible to edit the saved word. This is on the list but not near the top. In the meantime, you may have to put the additional info into your Hint area or the Phrase area which you can edit.


Just to add to what Steve said, the blue highlighting issue was a temporary problem for all accounts this morning that has been fixed. There does seem to be a problem with disappearing words in IE. You won’t find this problem in Firefox. We will try to fix the problem soon.

You have some options with copying and pasting phrases. You can either copy/paste them off the LingQ widget, you can copy paste from the examples list in your widget or you can copy and paste from the print preview screen of the lesson. The new LingQing method has affected the ability to copy/paste. We will try and find a way for copying and pasting to be done more easily but since it is a minority of members who do copy and paste we have to make sure it doesn’t impact the current functionality.

As for editing LingQed terms, this also is a tricky issue for us. In the past, we have recommended that those users who do want to LingQ root words, or word segments can do so by having the Vocabulary page open in another tab and doing so there.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you like the site.