Q re Automatic Generation of New Timestamps - Stale Links to Audio Files

I have a few podcasts where I upload the transcript and then I add the audio file by linking an mp3 on another site. I get the audio files from Patreon through a subscription, so the links to the audio are updated every few days or so (to prevent sharing). As I work through the podcasts over several days and the audio link becomes stale, in the past I just edited the lesson to add an updated link to the audio. But now when the audio link becomes stale, the lesson immediately tries to generate new timestamps and won’t stop doing this. So I can’t edit the lesson to add the audio back, which is all I need to do. How do others handle this? Does it mean I need to do the entire lesson before the audio link expires or should I delete the lesson and then reimport the whole lesson each time the audio link expires? Appreciate any solutions you’ve found.


Probably this previous post could be interesting to you: (link)> I am getting pretty fed up with Lingq editor and support - #15 by roosterburton

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