Q: How spend English lesson with teacher?

I speak with teacher through Skype 2 times per week 1 hour.

I tell her about Friends episode ( it takes me about 30-35 minutes) and I tell her about what I read (short stories, books chapters). Also we talk about random things: about life, about what I like or she likes.
After lesson she sends me my mistakes. That’s all.
I have one hour per lesson and often I speak 50 min.
I do not want to do test, exercise or something stuff. I want talk.

Now question: how more effectively I can use that hour? What do you do?

I do exactly the same as you. I speak with my tutor about whatever I want. She sends me a report with my mistakes and phrases that caused me trouble. Often it is the same mistake, week after week, but eventually I manage to get it right. I combine this with a lot of listening and reading. I enjoy it and gradually improve. Cheers.

Steve,thanks for the answer.
My wife does not understand how I learn English and for my teacher it looks a little strange, why I do not want grammar rules or exercises. :slight_smile:
I am very good and comfortably with that.