Q: E-ink e-readers with Android

Hey everyone!
I am wondering if anybody here has tried using LingQ [app] on an Android device with e-ink screen. Such devices are a bunch of the Onyx made ones - Icarus, also the Yotaphone. There has been e-ink screen cases for some Samsung models. From what I see all of these have Google Play but the Android version is outdated, typically version 4.
Has anyone tried this?

P.S. the link may not be visible: New 9.7-inch Onyx Boox N96C Coming Soon, 4th N96 Model | The eBook Reader Blog

I haven’t tried that as I have kindle e-reader, but I do not believe that e-ink screen will be of any use for lingq. They are just bad for anything other than plain text.

I tried to use a built in browser. But it was not a good idea. The screen is too slow for it, the site itself is too complicated for the built in browser. It was some years ago.

Hey antom,
Yes, I’ve tried this exactly. It’s definitely tricky and slow, but it does work. I have an Onxy Boox C67Ml Carta2. I mainly use it for Anki flashcards and Daily LingQs, I wouldn’t really recommend it for the LingQ app when reading, although if you you can buy a bigger one (10"-13") it might be a lot easier than mine (6"). The grey scale is also a bit of a problem. I tried to add pictures to this reply but couldn’t. If you have any other questions I’d be happy to help.

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Hello antom, I see that this thread is now more than a year old. Well, I’ve been trying to use e-ink for Lingq almost as long. Most recently I invested in an Onyx BOOX Max2, which has Android 6 and a quad-core processor. I’m very pleased to say that Lingq’s mobile app works on it! The yellow shading of links is a bit faint, on the black and white screen, but it is useable. I had to change a setting, so that local fonts are used instead of app-supplied fonts, because there was some overprinting and garbling of the Russian Cyrillic characters, but now I’m fully content. As e-ink is a reflective technology, without a back-light, it’s possible to work outside in full sunlight. The new Onyx Note 10.3 also has Android 6, so would probably work too.