Putting my cursor over words does nothing

Before if I placed my cursor over words a box would come up with either, a list of hints if it was a blue highlighted word, or my hint if it was a yellow highlighted word, now nothing happens. The cursor just changes into the highlight cursor symbol.

Additionally in my resources box where it says (2) there is nothing there. Previously I had, which was important to me as a beginner, the full conversation translated into English.

My account is a free one.

I do not have this problem. Please provide a little more information on the language, the lesson, your browser, and what you might have done to cause this to happen. We’ll see if anyone else has the problem.

@egoman - Frist, try refreshing your browser. Then, make sure javascript is not disabled in your browser.

Ahh its working now. I remembered my Google Chrome hadnt let me install Java awhile back and I was never bothered because even most Java things seemed to work without it, even ling q. But I just managed to install it in a odd way so its all good now :slight_smile: thankkkkksss, knew ling q wouldnt be at fault :wink:

Good to hear you got it working properly :slight_smile:
fI you’ve got any more issues please let us know!