Putting links to web pages as study resources

Hi, I created a lesson and wanted to put a link to a webpage of a quiz of that lesson in the study resources.
I tried creating the link as a desktop shortcut and browsing to it as an ‘attachment’ in the study resources but this didn’t work.
I also tried pasting the link into ‘lesson notes’. At the bottom of ‘lesson notes’ is a set of icons. I highlighted my url link and clicked on the icon ‘insert/edit link’ thinking it might turn this into an underlined clickable link on the lesson notes page. All I got was a window titled (#advanced_dlg.link_title) and http://m.lingq.com/media/tiny_mce/themes/advanced/link.htm inside the window. How can this be done?

@dfranks - Yes, there is a problem there. The popup window should allow you to add a url. We’ll get that fixed.

@mark thanks for fixing this. What is the ‘title’ field for?

@dfranks - Do you mean the “Title” for the attachment? It just allows you to put in a name or description for the audio file that you’re uploading, for example “Additional Lesson MP3” or “Downloadable Exercises” or something like that.

No. Mark fixed the window where you add a url to the notes page. Anyway I think I have worked out that when the Title field is filled in it provides a mouse-over hint.

Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, that is correct :slight_smile: