Putin Says - Comment on the Russian airliner investigation

Russia has officially confirmed that the Russian airliner was bombed. Here is what Putin has to say about it.

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And there’s a video clip too! Is this the future of LingQ? :slight_smile:

(If only there weren’t copyright issues, there are some awesome movie clips one could share as well.)

It is from a YouTube clip. LingQ can link to it from the lesson page.

This looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I shall read it tomorrow.

It’s excellent content - we need more raw political material like this, in my opinion.

How do I get the video to appear again after having gone through the text for Lingqs? All I see on the right now is the vocabulary panel.

Nevermind, I found the [>] button that makes it reappear.

By the way, if all you Russians talked so slowly, maybe I could understand you!

There’s a play button right below the headline.