Putin denies US election interference.... but praises Trump? What is going on?

So he says there is no interfering, no preferential candidate. However, he goes on to say that he understands trump.

We have heard everything from, putin “deliberately wants to sabotage Hillary” to “Trump is working for putin”.

None of this makes any sense. Does the Russian government really have a vested interest in the outcome? I don’t understand Russian politics.

Hillary clearly wishes to go to war with Russia. Putin does not want a war, hence his relative support of Trump .It’s not particularly difficult to understand. Clinton is a disaster for Russia-US relations

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I find it difficult to believe that any candidate would actually want to start a war.

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The idea that Hillary wants to go to war with Russia is one of the falsehoods spread by Trump/the Kremlin. Hillary was in favour of the intervention in Libya, where the US reluctantly followed France’s lead. Sarkozy was the most keen on intervening in Libya, which very much annoyed Russia (they lost another client/ally). Yet today Sarkozy is Putin’s friend. Hillary would resist Putin’s advances but has said she wants to work with allies and use diplomacy. Not everyone who opposes Putin is therefore a war monger.


She wants to impose a no-fly zone in libya and to fight against Assad which is clearly intended to upset Putin, i.e. get into a war in the middle east. This is not a false-hood, she said so herself. Furthermore, she wants to arm more rebels which is a disaster


The most memorable presidents in history were the ones who were presidents during a war. No presidents would want to start one, but Clinton surely wants to be in one thus trying to trigger it without seeming to be the one to start it would be perfect for her; hence her proposed policies against Russia

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I assume you mean ‘start a war with Russia’.

I think what history teaches us is that major wars are often stumbled into by cretin politicians who thought it was all a bit of a trivial lark that would be over by Christmas.

It terrifies me to hear some people in public life blithely about “taking out Russian air bases in Syria”, etc. They don’t understand the military realities. Russia isn’t as formidable as the Soviet Union at its military peak, but it is well capable of retaliating against military targets in Europe or North America with naval or air launched cruise missiles. Where do you go from there? Nuclear war?

Donald Trump is a gorilla in a suit and tie.

Hilary Clinton…yes well…I wouldn’t trust her to run a chicken farm.

Heaven help us.

I love your analogies, Jay!
…or whatever you want to call 'em :slight_smile:

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“…would be over by Christmas.”

By the way, have you been watching the YouTube channel ‘The Great War’?

Starting from 2014, they have been doing weekly episodes on the war explaining what happened each week 100 years ago. They are excellent videos. There is also a German one

I think the presenter of the German one is better, though the American presenter is really good too. Unfortunately the German one stopped a year ago.

Ok, I just wrote to them to see if they would provide transcripts and allow me to add their videos to the LingQ library.

There is so much good stuff on youtube. I am utterly mesmerised by Chris Hansen’s work! (And, in some of the older cases, the raw full interview videos from later on down at the cop shop!)

BTW Thanks for that link the other day to the Hugh M. nutcase! :slight_smile:

I trust Hillary much more than Donald. I think cenk from TYT put it best.
Trump is incompetent, knows nothing, doesn’t know he knows nothing, and has the impulse control of a grease fire.

If he is in power, he will screw something up big time. Brace for Impact.

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from the many great american journalists you choose to quote Cenk from TYT…good lord.

watch the last snl sketch on youtube then
you will know why

I quote people when they make accurate claims. In this case he is 100% correct.

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Is Chris Hansen the dude who did To Catch A Predator?

Interesting, what is your issue with Cenk? I am not a huge fan of him, but why is it bad to quote him?

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