Purely technical question


I browsed the forum to make sure that these questions haven’t been asked yet - and I hope that they really haven’t, because I wouldn’t like to cause havoc to the forum :slight_smile:

  1. When I have read a text and listened to the accompanying recording, moved it to the archive section and, for some reason, deleted it altogether - does it subtract then the total number of words I have read?

  2. When I have uploaded a content for my personal use, lingqed some words, “ticked” it as a read text, and then deleted it, to make room for another content to be uploaded - does it also subtract the number of words read? Because I was trying to check this out and ended up with very messy statistics, which I cannot repair now, either by manually substracting or by adding the number of words :wink: I wish I could simply reset the counter, but it’s technically impossible, isn’t it?

By the way, that’s my first post here so I would like to say hello to everyone :slight_smile: I hope I’ll stay there for a longer while.

@customic - Welcome to the forum.

  1. No, no LingQs are ever subtracted once they have been created unless you delete them.

  2. Statistics are not affected by deleting imported lessons.

Ok, thanks for a quick response :slight_smile: