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Hello, over a week ago I made contact with Lingq Support but I was not fortunate enough to receive an answer. In 2020 I purchased a collection - Historias Cortas Para Principiantes (Spanish Short Stories for Beginners) (es) with 500 points. Now that I wanted to open it again, I get a notification that I need to purchase it. Since the Support has not reacted to my emails…I pose my problem here. I know that in this forum Zoran is doing a great job in assisting everyone plus he usually is super fast. Please, can you help me? :slight_smile:


I am actually handling the support emails too, and the last email I see from you was received back in March 2020. I don’t see any email from last week, not even in spam. Strange.
I just messaged you with more info regarding the issue you reported here. Please check your email and let’s continue conversation there. Thanks!

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That is strange. When I contacted you I did it here through the website and just received an automated answer from notifications.wixanswers telling me ‘thanks for submitting your ticket…’
Thanks so much for the assistance and the help. I really appreciate how well the support works. Have great weekend.

Thanks, I’ll check that widget.