"pumped up kicks"

Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of songs as a way to improve my English. There is a song I really like called “Pumped up kicks” … It’s been a challenge for me to pick up all its words without going into Google and catch the song lyrics

I believe I’ve got almost all of them but I’d really want to ask here what is the meaning of “Pumped up kicks” …

thanks guys…

I didn’t have any idea before I did a google search. Error 404 (Not Found)

I know nothing about this song. and it is not a normal English expression, but I guess:

“kicks” = “fun” EG “get your kicks on route 66”

“pumped up” = “excited” or “super energised” EG. " I am pumped up to see my old friends again."

oops, Aybee’s got it

Great … thanks a lot

Wow … after reading Aybee’s link I think that this band has to review the magnitude of their message …I think it is not cool at all…
Anyway, i still think this song is very catchy! it makes me whistle following its rhythm anytime I hear it… LOL!

Just so you know humberto, ‘kicks’ is common slang in the US (you might even say it’s mainstream slang). I had never heard the phrase “pumped up kicks” before, but if you remember those pump shoes then it makes some sense. So, what I’m saying is, remember ‘kicks’ if you’re into slang, but I wouldn’t worry about the whole phrase.