"Pull yourself together" and "Get your act together"

“Pull yourself together” and “Get your act together”, are they similar?

Similar, but not the same. Both are used when trying to get the person to change their current attitude or state. ‘Get your act together’ implies that the person has been naughty or is acting badly or ill-disciplined in some way. ‘Pull yourself together’ can also be used in this way but it can also be used if someone is emotionally upset and the speaker is trying to calm him/her down or get him/her to refocus on what is at hand.


Jungleboy hit the nail on the head… “Pull yourself together” is usually associated with an emotional mindset.

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Kind of but not really.

I heard the comedian Marc Maron say: Get My shits together.

Is this similar to one of these, and which one?

Both. Same meaning but more comical, or harsh depending on who says it. But essentially the same meaning.

I say it in the singular - ‘get my shit together’. And obviously you don’t say this to your grandma.

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“I say it in the singular”

Maybe he does, too - listen from minute 5:40 to 5:47.

Yes, he does. He says, “I could barely keep my shit together when I did that 10-minute interview with him.” He means he was nervous and/or in awe of Keith during the interview.

Thank you, @jungleboy! I appreciate.

Or as Jordan Peterson would say: Sort yourself out!