Publishing the lessons vs. copyright

Suppose I found a nice video on youtube and imported it as my private lesson. Now I think I could make it available to the community by publishing it. Can I just do it or do I have to ask the owner of the youtube channel for permission? How does it work with the copyright? LingQ does not require anything to be able to publish, no inquiries about copyright.

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LingQ has to operate within the existing legal framework, so copyright laws have to be observed when sharing content. If you have concerns regarding copyright law you might be best served by a professional legal counsel. The following does not constitute legal advice but rather some general guidelines I came up with myself.
You can share content on LingQ:

  • if you own the copyright
  • if the copyright holder has given you permission to share it on LingQ
  • if it is in the public domain
  • if it has been released under a compatible Creative Commons license (has to allow for commercial use)

For content that doesn’t meet these criteria, LingQ has come up with “external” lessons, those function as links to the content. After following the link, the users have to import it themselves. This feature is only available to LingQ librarians and staff. To become a librarian you can apply here: LingQ Learning Languages Simply


There should be some in your face disclaimer right? You almost feel invincible with LingQ serving as your copyright shield. But that is not really the case… If copyrighted content is found it should/will be removed by the moderators. If you have a need for sharing and want some extra perks doing what @bamboozled said and joining LingQ librarians is the move!

Both these Librarians are completely correct, if yo have content you’d like to share we would love to have you here at The Contribute Page!


Please make it clearer how to make lessons public. There was a reason I have forgotten.
Can AI (Bard) generated stories be added?
It needs a URL. Why?

At least in the US, output of generative ai models like bard can’t be copywritten so they should be fair game.

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Just checking: If the video is on YouTube and it is marked “Creative Commons” then does that mean it’s ok to publish here?

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Yes, those are fine. Just make sure to add a link to the license in the course description Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0


Hello, it’s crucial to respect copyright and intellectual property rights when sharing content, especially on public platforms like YouTube. When in doubt, seek consult YouTube’s help center for guidance on copyright issues.

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