Pronunication matching software

Looking for computer software or a website that will match WITH WAVES the student’s pronunciation with native speaker pronunciation. In my case, I teach English in Thailand, so I want students to have native English pronunciation. Which native English?! ANY native English. I don’t care though for sure most Thais seem to prefer American English.

I model the pronunciation for them, and have the repeat it again and again. But once they’re out of the classroom, they’re sort of stuck. If they had software that they could go to any time, that’d be cool. I know several people who’d love to have such software.

When I say that I want WAVES, I mean that I don’t want a score that shows how closely the two pronunciations match. Being able to see two waves (native and student) that show the spots where the pronunciation didn’t match would be cool.

I don’t expect the software to be perfect. Really want to try something out.

I suppose the content would either be pre-installed or could be custom recorded by a native speaker.

There must be something like this out there but so far I’ve come up with zilch.

Tell me more - English (pre rosetta stone versions may be cheaper / better) or, you can always use audacity, manually.

Thanks much. I’ll look at these :))
Hmmm… I do have a question though. I know of Tell Me More. My university has it but for some reason that I may never understand, I can’t use it! But, what do you mean by pre-rosetta stone versions? Is there an affiliation between Tell Me More and Rosetta Stone? I’ve never taken a very good look at Rosetta Stone. I only know that lots of people like it a lot and lots of people have lots of criticisms about it.

Yes, try Tell me More, it is very good. I have studied a while ago for french, my pronunciation got very good but remember that it takes quite a bit of time. I’m sure that this program was better than my teacher in regard of accents, sorry for that :frowning:

The rosetta stone that I’ve seen was the resent one. My parents bought one for themselves, despite my objections and after I saw it thought: wow, it did not think it was this shitty, how can exist people that like this?!?!
It seems it was made for retarded people - They make very simple lessons take way too long. What wonders can propaganda make. Of course they gave up after a short time since it is very boring.

I mean : Rosetta bought Tell Me More, rebadged it, repackaged it, made it a lot more expensive, and generally stuffed around with it. You may be better off with the original, particularly if you can get access to it.

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IIIIaaaaeee seeee. Thanks much. Noooowww I get it :wink: Rosetta Stone bought Tell Me More and made it worse than the original version. Know what to look for :))

So not only they destroy the willingness and money of people to learn languages but also our resources. Glad that I live in Brazil and I can download the old Tell me more in torrent without worries and now I won’t feel any bad because it belongs to Rosetta.

Ah, you got it downloaded through torrent. Care to tell me which you used, if you even know. I’ve downloaded one or two things from torrent, but one time (maybe both times) I got some unpleasant stuff that came along and caused some havoc with my computer. I use a MacBook Air.

Sorry, I used to get the torrents through the pirate bay but now its been closed. This is strange that you got some strange stuff with the file, this never happened with me when I used torrent. If you don’t have much experience in downloading, try to use a old computer as a gateway.
Sorry that I can’t help, good luck!

't’s okay. You’ve helped heaps :))

Have you seen Praat? Praat: doing Phonetics by Computer

:)) I’m swamped these days, but I’ll look at it when I get time :))

There’s another one called wavesurfer which looks more up to date.