Promoting LingQ

We have just posted a press release about Japanese and Chinese getting out of Beta, LingQ takes Chinese and Japanese Out of Beta. It would be great if some of you could Digg it or add it to delicious or on Twitter/Facebook etc… We never know what may help promote us. Thanks!

I put the link to the press release on the FrontPage of the LingQ Wiki site.

Thanks, Yutaka!

Yutaka, I really appreciate your hard work for LingQ.

I wonder if you would be able to record our introductory video in Japanese. We are still missing the sound track in Japanese. Please let me know if you think you could do this.

Or, for that matter, any other Japanese members out there who have good quality sound. It would be great to get the video recorded in Japanese. Email me at support at lingq dot com if you can do this for us.

I am afraid that I cannot record the introductory video in Japanese. I am really interested in this language learning community founded by you, and am very grateful to the people here.

Not a problem Yutaka, we appreciate all you do. Let’s hope someone else comes forward.