Progression bar bugged?


I am currently learning Spanish and since I don’t know a lot of words at the moment and I mostly only create Ling, I saw something weird happening in the statistic bar. To be more precise, I saw my know words went from 2 to 49 on the same day but I only create ling and learn them. So, it’s not possible to not have the same number of ‘ling learned’ then ‘know words’ in the same day. I checked the lessons I did today to see if I didn’t click by mistake the ‘know all’ button on a lesson I didn’t complete and this is not the case.

This is a minor bug (at least for me) and I just want to let you guys know.

Hi there,

It looks like these additional Known Words were added some time in the past 24 hours – Do you remember if you completed a lesson within that time period? I notice from your Activities that you completed part 38 of a collection. Do you remember when you completed this lesson?

I have finish a lot of lessons (like 30ish) in the last 24 hours (at lot of them where previous lessons at normal speed). For the part 38, I finish it less than 1 hour ago.

So you’ve been quite active then :slight_smile: We haven’t had any recent reports of the Known Words number being inaccurate, so I wonder if somewhere along the way, while working your way through all these lessons, that you might have added a few as Known or clicked the LingQ’d button for one or two…

It is a possibility. I also work with more than one tabs open on different lesson at the same time.

In any cases, I will let you know if that happen again and if it does, I will write down exactly what I did to trigger the bug.

I have to say, I am always please by LingQ prompt answer to any questions or comments.

Excellent, that sounds good. :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work!

I have been having possibly the same issue, but I double checked just now to see what exactly has been happening. Here is what happened:

I started out with “Known Words 1945” opened an imported lesson, and pressed enter over and over to create lingq’s out of each blue word. There were 0 remaining new words and my known word count was still the same. I clicked Learn->Library and when the page loaded up it shows “Known Words 2231”. Also when I left the imported lesson I chose the close option rather than pressing the button that says LingQ. This was in IE9 on Windows but has been happening on Chrome and linux as well.

And just now I noticed than on the timeline page below my avatar it says I have 851 known words when I select “All Time” but 2231 if I select “Last 3 Months”. Unless I’m confused about the system, this is incorrect behavior. Not a big hindrance to my learning/enjoyment, but I wanted to bring it to your attention because it has been confusing me.

@sgilpin80 - Thanks for reporting this. I did a bit of testing here, and it seems this is only an issue if you rapidly press the “Enter” key to create LingQs. The system isn’t actually set up to handle LingQ being created at breakneck speed, so the multiple calls to the server in rapid succession seem to cause some errors in how the words are treated. We can look at this further, but for starters I would recommend just slowing things down a bit to give the system time to catch up. If you notice this happening even when creating LingQs at a slower pace (say one LingQ every couple of seconds rather than several per second) then let us know!

Ok thanks, yes I do create them quickly (sometimes even holding down the enter key). If it comes up at slower speeds I’ll let you know. When I am trying to read I like to use the keyboard to scroll from word to word, but it only works from blue to blue or yellow to yellow, so I create all the lingq’s first very quickly so they are all yellow. It’d be a cool feature if I could use keyboard to switch between all highlighted words. Just a thought :slight_smile: Thanks for your response.

@sgilpin - If you hold down shift and then an arrow key it switches from blue to yellow or vice versa.

@Mark, thanks for the useful tip.