Progress streak in app version not easily controllable

I find that the progress streak at the top of any given text within the newest version of the app doesn’t control the soundtrack very well. When I try to slide it backwards to try to listen to something again, it doesn’t respond but just continues on from the place it was at. Quitting the app and going back in doesn’t reset the sound to the beginning, nor does selecting the “reset” option. The sound continues on from where it left off…. Even logging out of the app and then logging back in doesn’t work. It remembers where you left off and “insists“ in continuing from there.

There are ways of getting around this issue, but it’s a minor hassle for sure. Going backwards should be the easily controllable….like in the website version in which the slider bar works beautifully and reliably and the progress of the sound track is totally controllable.

Zoran has anyone else reported this or is it completely new and something you’ve never seen? Do you know what I mean?

This issue has been a little bit of a hassle from the beginning with the new version. It’s the kind of minor thing others might encounter just find irritating but not bother reporting (or at least I haven’t till now)…I can just use the “jump back 5 seconds” button about 20 times to go backwards, or else select the previous lesson, then stats and then “next lesson”, which does reset the sound track to the beginning. But the sound track slider bar should actually work properly and that’s why I’m reporting it.

Can you please remind me are you using iOS or Android app?


Oh well, hitting this problem again today, that is, not being able to freely go back several pages or restart a story, I simply switched back to the website version to do my reading and listening.

Please continue to maintain the website — it’s a good way to get around app bugs!!!

P.S. By “soundtrack” above I really mean “the progress of the story”. I cannot select an earlier part of the story using the slider bar and go forward from there.