Progress Snapshot problem

My progress snapshot does not update and the numbers are totally wrong. The numbers only list the last 7 days. There is not count for all time selection. When I try to change to any other selection the numbers remain as given by the 7 days.

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Hi Lusan,
Sorry about that and thanks for letting us know! This issue is already reported to our team and we are working to get it fixed as soon as we can.
Thanks a lot for your patience!


Thanks. I am patient.

Well well…this should be very easy to fix. My numbers are wrong…I use them to track my daily activities…help appreciated

Sorry Lusan,
Our developers weren’t able to reproduce this issue, and that is the reason why it takes more time to fix it. I hope that it will be fixed soon.

Fine. But I am running blind…

Same problem here. My daughter and I can only see the statistic for the last 7 days. How can developer’s not reproduce this issue? It is more than obvious if you visit a profile and change the period for a language.

Obviously only some people have this problem. I don’t, for exemple.

I would like to have this block of progress snapshots located higher on a page. The avatar and the challenges are almost contant in comparison to the progress bars.

Bardzo dziękuję!