Progress Snapshot numbers

Is there a FAQ expaining the numbers at the far right side of the Progress Snapshot?

I guess they are targets since they don’t change over a period of days.

The number for LingQs seems to be 91 for everyone these days.

If the listening figure of 5.3 is a one week target in hours, I’m going to have to take a different approach to listening. Playing the audio of lessons isn’t racking up hours at that rate.

Talking about numbers, I noticed an activity score on the Esperanto 90 day challenge page of over 52000. If the activity score is based on the last 30 days as the help page says, I am astounded by a score of 52000.

Even if the activity score on the 90 day challenge page were based on 90 days, that is a superhuman score. How is it possible?

The progress snapshot displays your progress over specific durations of time. There are targets set (that show on the right hand side) and the bar shows how close you are to achieving that target.
52000 activity score is based on 90 days (whole challenge), and that score is achievable. We already had 90 days challenge activity score higher then 30000 in past when we first launched it.

So does that common figure of 91 LingQs mean that everyone has a target of making 91 LingQs in a week? Like I said, the same figure of 91 LingQs appeared on all the progress snapshots I viewed.

As for the 52000 activity score, I am in awe of that champion. I’d break down with RSI (repetitive strain injury) just from clicking that many times. Actually, it might not be impossible for me since I use keyboard more than mouse. That’s still a lot of presses on the ENTER key…

Exactly, 91 LingQs is weekly target. All numbers on the right are target numbers, and you can see your progress on the left on Progress Snapshot.

I knew about the personal progress indicators, but couldn’t believe that 91 LingQs was a weekly target. Thanks for clarifying.

For me at least, 91 LingQs per week is so easy but 5.3 hours of listening per week is so hard. I’m going to start a new thread to ask for advice on how to boost listening.