Progress bar green dot


What does it means when I leave the green dot behind while reading a lesson? It happens sometimes but I wasn’t been able to find out the meaning of it.

(I’m on Android,)


I think that you left a blue word behind (or more than one).
If that’s the case the green bar does not extend until you manage those blue words.

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I have the “paging moves to known” settings on. So that should not happen, should it?

For me on iOS, when I turn the page it sometimes “jumps” to the page after the next one. I haven’t been able to find out if I’m doing something wrong (double swiping, perhaps…?) or if it’s a pure bug. But in any case, it leaves a whole page unmarked, causing the recorded progress to stall until I manually page back.

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It don’t happens with me. The pages go in the correct order…

Next time when it happens I will try to go back, looking for blue words…

Seems to be a bug, we will look into it. Did you notice the same issue in any other lesson or just in that one specific?

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Thank you! It’s random, not lesson specific.