Programs that will get me from A1/A2 to a B1/B2 level?

What programs would you recommend to get me to a B1/B2 level (without breaking the bank)?

I can recommend only one program, and it is rather cheap - only 12$/month. #lingq
For speaking - #italki


Thanks for the reply. I could never see a big difference between free and premium Lingq. Will Lingq get me to a B1 level?

I believe yes.
This thread is worth reading:


As far as actual “programs” are concerned, the best one out there for self study is Assimil. LingQ is a great tool of course, and you can create your own program for learning by using this site, but in and of
itself LingQ is not a “program,” it’s more of a way of engaging with a language.

Having said that, literally every language program out there could feasibly get you to a B1 level if you just spend the time to engage with it on the daily bases. The only difference between them is the craftsmanship that went into creating them, and consequently, the level of engagement and enjoyment the students experience while working through them. On those points, Assimil is ahead the rest of the field by far. (Again, this is not an Assimil vs. LingQ thing — the two serve different purposes in my opinion.)


I can imagine if you reached Advanced 2 in all 7 Statistics on LingQ. You would be at least B2.
For speaking practice try out italki. :slight_smile: