Profile: some x1000 known words increments not being added?

Hi LingQ Team
Just a small issue, though I have noticed that recently I have not seen some of those updates for the x1000 known word increments added to left hand column of my profile page, so updates missing for 3 languages. I only tend to use date intervals to track my overall pace of progress, so just wondered if this had changed? Thank you, Br Frank

It seems that you need to complete a lesson for your profile to update.


Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

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Hi @Consistency
Yes, works a treat. All languages up to date now.
I had stopped generally ‘completing’ lessons a good while ago as they were creating clutter on the active playlists for various languages, but now I know, so many thanks indeed for your feedback
Br, Frank

Ahh . . . so that’s the secret. I was wondering about this too.