Profile flags

I WAS a bit puzzled about all the Brits suddenly appearing on LingQ. I wondered where they were all coming from!

I think LingQ would come under MI6 rather than MI5. But we usually blame the CIA for strange happenings. MI6 generally rank lower than Extraterrestrials in British conspiracy theories.

I desperately need a white flag for me.

I am not a member of an Olympic team. I am just a duck breeder.

The Rising Sun Flag,

You had written on my Wall:
“I am not a statistician. I am not a linguist. I am not an economist. I am not a magician. I am not an actor …” I immediately suggested that you were a duck breeder, but you didn’t confirm my bold guess. Why? I have nearly lost the confidence.

just to check whether it was fixed or not…

can’t see anything on my profile(except of my avatar image). I think you are still working on it

good question furkan, may be someone stole the Turkish flag (a Greek agent provocateur?) Seriously, I am sure Mark is looking in to it.

That is because you have changed your country name to read Turkiye which is not recognized by our system. Therefore, we don’t know what flag to give you. If you change it back to Turkey, you will see your flag. Unfortunately, our country list is only available in English… :slight_smile:

Yay! =]

Is there a reason why you don’t just have a drop down box to choose your country from?
I’d think that to be simpler.

We do when you sign up but the field is editable on the Settings page. I’m not sure why that is… but could be because it wasn’t always a dropdown and there are funny country names in the system that don’t match a list in a dropdown.

Now, I understand what causes the problem. If i want to make it appear there, I can do it. thank you ‘mark’ for your reply.

Could it be now the time to erase the “mother tongue” in the profile page?. That way we can change the interface’s language to the language we’re studying. If you’re living in another country you can say so in the Bio.

This way your flag will tell which is your native language. More meaningfull in the forum and the profile page than where you’re living in.

Good suggestion Berta but we are actually going to add another field so you can indicate your native language and have a separate interface language. Give us a week or so.

Niceeee ;))

Mark, is there a chance to see the native language in the speaking section? There are now a lot of English tutors but a lot of them are not natives what is important for advanced learners.

Yes, Vera, that is coming too.

Thank you!

I just wanted to say I love the flags. They look pretty and it’s cool to see people from all over the world interacting with each other here! Great job!!!

I haven’t seen many Belgian flags around!