Profile chart for combined language stats

It would be nice to have a profile chart that has all languages combined in order to see total known words and words read across all languages instead of having to click each one separately and add them up.



Tony-- A separate question. Can we have multiple languages going at once in Lingq? I thought it was one language only. Thanks.

Yes, you can learn as many languages as you want.

Sorry to be so dumb, but how do you do that? I see this language on the setup page: “Here are your currently active languages. If you delete a language, you will instantly lose all your data for that language.” I can change from one language to another, after I lose all my date, I don’t see how to activate more than Portuguese. I understand you can learn one language after another, but I don’t see how to do two or three at once.

You can definitely add another language. On the app there should be a + sign at the top of the languages page that adds a new one. On the dekstop site you should be able to click on the language flag to add another.

Okay, got it. Thanks, this is wonderful. I must be the only person that was not aware of this feature. Incredibly powerful. I have been wanting to start Italian for a few months, but was waiting until Portuguese was in hand, now I can double-dip.

Getting a few languages going at once can be a lot of fun but don’t get too ambitious haha. I’m sure you’re far along enough with Portuguese so you don’t need to focus too much when reading. Plus with knowing English already you should have a good leg up on Italian. Btw if you click on another person‘s profile it shows the languages they are learning. Idk if you’ve ever noticed this.