Profile activities don't update

The title explains it alll. While others are complaining about this feature showing too much. I just noticed that I dont think “my activities” updates itself anymore. At least it doesnt for me. The last thing i see is a thread a created some 3 days ago. In between that I’ve studies a bunch of lessons, I posted on other topics etc… Doesnt seem to record any of that. Not a big issue!! I don’t care much for the feature but a little bit annoying to stare at a feature thats potentially broken ( much like the recently active thread module on the right side =p).

HAH! looks like my activities added an entry stating i just created this Thread. IN anycase, it doesnt seem to record any of my other activities.

The only other activities that get registered, I believe, are completed lessons: you will have to click on the I know All button before it can transfer to the activities.


So you’re saying your activities records :

“SanneT is studying Améliorez vos écrits en français, Partie 3 - (French).”

ONLY when you click the I know all button? Interesting. I rarely click that button =p.
I just assumed the activities would record whatever lesson you’re studying/ open
If thats the case shouldnt the activities say “SanneT Knows all Améliorez vos écrits en français, Partie 3 - (French).” =p

Pressing the button does not necessarily mean one has finished with the lesson. I sometimes go back to read it again or to listen to it. Mark may find your suggestion interesting, though.

Ha ha. I realized the same thing a couple days ago and started a post about it. I also rarely click the I know all button.

The thing is we only wanted to create a notification for lessons that people are truly studying. Often people can open a lesson and not really study it. That is why we chose to create the notification when someone “completes” the lesson or at least says “I know all”. That is an indicator that they are truly studying the lesson.