Problems with videos

Hi guys,

I’d just like to report a bug I’m having.

I can no longer view any/lingqs or videos in the sidebar. It collapsed when I clicked hover mode and I can’t make it come back, as there is no way (little tab thing) to do so since the update.

Even when I change modes and refresh, it stays for two seconds and disappears again. I have to come out of the whole lesson and go back into it from: Login - LingQ

Pressing the video symbol below the lesson title doesn’t help, as nothing happens and the sidebar remains hidden.

I’d like to be able to watch the video whilst using hover mode to quickly check the lingqs I don’t know. I’ve only just started using videos and transcripts, so I don’t know if that was possible before the update but I can’t see why it would not have been.

If possible, could you bring back the little tab that let’s us manually hide/display the sidebar. I think that would help because this isn’t just an issue with videos, it happens whenever a person wants to toggle hover mode on/off.

I hope that was a clear enough description of the problem, if not let me know.

I am in fullscreen. My browser is Firefox (40.0.3) but I can replicate the problem on Safari (6.2.8)

Hi alfissleeping,

I’ve reported this bug to the developers. We’re thinking of a few solutions to make the video tab more accessible in the near feature.
Thanks for letting us know.

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