Problems with upload

I can’t import anything, I never had this problem. When I click to upload audio file, nothing happens. I can’t put URL, I can’t save, I can’t do anything… I believe that the site is malfunctioning.

Sorry to hear that. Do you get any error message when you try to save a lesson? Which browser are you using? Does it work if you try on other browser?

Everything is fine now :smiley:

The problem was fixed when I restarted my internet.

I am having trouble importing some eBooks. I get the error message ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute content. This has stopped me importing several books but others work. Any ideas?

Please send one of these book to support(at) I’ll look into it.

Thanks Zoran but these are books I have purchased from on-line shops and I can’t find any way of forwarding one of them.

Please check your email, I replied you there.