Problems with the multiple choice

There is too small place for the possible translation now by opening the multiple choice - not more than for 2-3 words.
I don’t like to make such a ‘teenager’s translation’ and prefer to give all main meanings, it can be 5-7 words for the translation. But I can’t repeat my new words because the words put on each other, hiding the words under them.
Maybe it would be possible to give more place for the possible translations in the cards for the multiple choice?

Hi Evgueny, looks like there is an issue with the tests at the moment and if text is too long, words are overlapping. I reported that to our development team and it should be fixed,

Thanks, Zoran!
Sometimes, it is the second line, and then it’s OK. But often the words are really overlapped.

I second the motion. I just did multiple choice and I had some where two long answer choices completely overran each other, and had a few where the top row choices had their bottom halves cut off by the two choices below them.

Sorry about that. The issue has been fixed and fix will be on production soon. Thanks for your patience!