Problems with the APP for iphone

Hi, i have some problems using the Lingq app on my Iphone.

everytime i create a new playilist everything goes fine, i can dowload good the audios. but after some days suddenly in some or all tracks it shows “waiting”, like if is dowloading it again, but it doesnt, not allowing me to play the tracks on the playlist anymore.

And another problem, my Lingq Loggs off alone, so i cant use the option offline because when im offline i cant Log in back and to access to my playlists.

All this problems happend since i´ve dowloaded the new version, i tried to delete it and dowload it again, but it didnt solve anything. Hope it can be fixed.

Thank you

Oh yes, this problem has been reported several times. I always make playlists on the app from courses that I have studied. I find that the solution to this is to go and open the course in the list of courses, wait for the list of lessons to load, and then the lessons appear in the playlist properly. You have to be online to do this though.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! We’ll spend some time looking into this and will see what might be causing this. Do note that we’ve got a new version coming soon that should hopefully address some of the existing issues in the app :slight_smile: