Problems with sorting my vocabularies

Hi all,

I can’t sort my vocabularies other than from A - Z.
When I click on “creation date” it jumps back to A - Z. When I click on “importance” it jumps back to A - Z.
I tried to mark them all, but there’s the same problem.
I want to export my vocabularies (I use Anki), but not all at once just 100 by 100, so I have to sort them by creation date. Otherwise I have always the same vocabs.

What can I do?

Thanks for help.

Hi! I’m really sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.

Would you include the URL of the page when you’re trying to adjust the filters? I tried this on the Vocabulary page and it seemed to work properly, though if you can send over the URL that should help to give us a better idea of what might be causing this!

Sorry, I posted before answering the second part of your question! We currently allow exporting of up to 200 terms at a time. Eventually we aim to allow exporting of all your vocabulary, but we’re working on some other projects in the meantime :slight_smile:

hmm, how can I send over the URL to you?
Just posting it here?

I tried it again (in Spanisch and Swedish). I’m not able to sort my vocabularies :frowning:

Yup, just paste it here on the forum!

Ok :slight_smile:
This are all my spanish vocabularies:

And this is the Link after sorting it by creation date:

The same happens with my swedish vacabulries.

Great, this helps a lot - thanks!

Would you by chance be using Firefox?

Yes, it’s Firefox. 37.0.2

Thanks! We’ll get this fixed :slight_smile:

Hi Quaxi,
Just to let you know that problem with sorting vocabulary in Firefox should now be fixed.
Thanks for your patience and let us know if you need any additional assistance!

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Thanks a lot. Great support.