Problems with "Share on LingQ"

It seems the Share on LingQ function doesn’t work if you want to share a lesson with more than one user.
Yesterday, I wanted to share an Italian lesson I had just published, but I got an Internal Error message. Today, I tried to share a private Polish lesson with other Polish learners, but I got the same message, both with Firefox and with Chrome. Then, I tried to send it to just one person and it worked (on Firefox).
It would be good if you could fix this function, because it’s very interesting, even if I think it’s not used enough, yet. Maybe, many people are not aware of this possibility.

We’ll be sure to look into this!

@mikebond - I have no problem sharing lessons with multiple people. Could it be one of the people you are trying to share with that is causing the problem?

How could I know if it is the case and who it can be? The people I wanted to share a lesson with are all active members.

I don’t really know Michele, I’m just hoping that somehow you can provide us with a little more information to try and narrow down the problem. Unfortunately, if we can’t recreate the problem, we can’t fix it and it seems to be working fine when we try it. Therefore, there must be something strange happening to you that we have to figure out.

What information do you need? The address of the lesson (it’s a private one), the names of the people I wanted to share it with…?

What I would suggest is that you just continue trying to use that feature until you figure out the pattern or process that causes this error. Is it any two people you invite? Does it happen for all lessons? For all imported lessons? For some lessons only? Any more information will help.

Ok, this means it may take ages… :wink: