Problems with Save and Save and Open the video and text (after correcting the text)

Hi there! I wonder if there is anyone who experienced the same problem saving or saving and opening the imported video with the text. When I use the app to import a video; all goes well. It gets imported and opens up without problems within seconds. For me the problem is the “autogenerated text” in my lesson. So I decided to correct the text and when all was ready, I clicked on the button SAVE. It came back with the following writing (although the video was only 39 minutes long): Please correct the following errors:

  • Field “audio”: The audio length must be between 10 seconds and 60 minutes. The audio you uploaded was 78 minutes and 28 seconds. View content specifications.
    I don’t understand why this is happening. Does it mean that we have to leave the text without periods, commas and capital letters. It is not good enough for me. I want to learn using corrected text. Can anyone help me figure this out? Your help will be much appreciated.