Problems with Paypal

Oh, sorry, I’ve just noticed that I wrote the wrong username. I meant PierreM not Norion. But, nevertheless, thanks for the response and a happy holliday, Thomas.



I got a basic account and my credit card is no longer valid and I don’t have a new one.
When I try to change the payment method to Paypal, I encounter the same Problem. :frowning:
My Paypal account is fully verified with my bank account.

What can I do, and what will happen if I do nothing?

@friedhelm - The system can be a bit funny when switching from a credit card to Paypal as a payment source. I have manually downgraded your account which will cancel your original credit card payment. Now, you should be able to upgrade using your PayPal account.

@mark - I just tried to upgrade, but I got the same message from Paypal:

Wir können Ihre Anfrage zurzeit leider nicht verarbeiten. Kehren Sie zu The Linguist Institute zurück, und wählen Sie eine andere Option aus.

@ friedhelm - I believe this has to do with the fact that it is a recurring payment you are signing up for. Paypal can have problems processing recurring payments from accounts with bank accounts as their payment source. There is not much we can do about this as we can’t control the way Paypal handles payments. You will either have to get a new credit card or you should be able to buy a 6-month membership with your PayPal account since it is a non-recurring payment.

The same problem happened to me six weeks ago when I signed up @ LingQ. Although I pay my PayPal debit via credit card I was unable to pay LingQ via PayPal. I had to pay LingQ via credit card…

I know this thread is kind of old but I’m having the exact same problem right now. I signed up at LingQ yesterday and I wanted to upgrade my account today. So I tried to pay with paypal (and I tried at least 10 times) but everytime i’m getting a message (in German) like “Error. We can’t process your request right now. Go back to The Linguist Institute and choose another option”. Why is this?? Can anyone please help me!

@languagefreak - There does seem to be a problem with German Paypal accounts for some reason. It seems that you are not allowed to sign up for a recurring payment with a German account that easily. I suggest paying for a 6 or 12-month account instead since this is a one time payment and should work fine. Unfortunately, the month to month recurring payment looks like it won’t work for you at this time.

I’ve got the same problem as mentioned above.
But a payment for 6 month is impossible as well (I have enough money on paypal)
So I really do not now what to do.
I’ve written an email to the paypal support, hope they’ll fix their problems.
Is there an other to pay with normal paypal or what ever? Because I own no credit card.

Oh I got it somehow wrong. Tried out the 6 month with continuous payment.
The other six month membership works, but it gives me the puzzling information:

"6-Month BASIC Membership for the period from December 23, 2011 to January 23, 2012

You will be charged $60.00 (6000.00 points). "

Which is just one month.

I’ve just bought it even though it’s a bit more expensive. I hope, I won’t regret it, and that the payment was actually for 6 month.

@Janot - There is a bug that is causing the wrong dates to display, but we should have that fixed soon. In the meantime, your expiration date in our system is correct :slight_smile:

It seems there are still problems for German PayPal accounts trying to sign up for recurring payments, so we will continue to encourage these users to purchase the one-time payments.