Problems with payment

Hello. 17th of November I upgraded my account to Basic.I thought you are going to charge 10$ every 30 days. Therefore the next payment is going to be 17th of December. However you have downgraded me already, even though it is 28th of November.
Explain me how your payment system works?

I think that understand.

your point is limited , if you use all point
you have that buy more point , for you to do your activit

you have gotten me wrong. I paid for upgrading my account from free to basic, not for points.

hm… oks!

I thought that could if about point!


@iceboyz - I have looked in our system and you have never upgraded your account. It looks like you tried to upgrade on November 12th and 16th but were not successful. No payments have been received on your account which is why you are still Free. Please try your upgrade again and let us know if you are having difficulties with payment.

i tried to payment, then I found i have to get a paypal. but i have no credit card,so i wrote the bank card number. But I couldnt use it. So I know I wrote the wrong number.So is this have another way to penment?

Sorry , i have an another question, when we want to have a conversation, how to choose the time. i mean, we see the times are our country’s times or the tutor’s country’s times?

@mmj1958 - I’m sorry you are having problems with payment. You can pay using your credit card or, if you prefer to use a debit card or bank account, you can pay using your PayPal account. However, it is often not possible to sign up for a recurring payment if you aren’t using a credit card. You should be able to buy 6-month memberships however, since these are one time payments. You can see our 6-month memberships here, Login - LingQ.

@mmj1958 - As long as you set your time zone correctly, you will see all times in your own time zone.


I am having problem with my upgrade. Can you please look into it for me.


Vakhrusheva Ekaterina

Thanks for doing this!

@ goldenwing - What exactly is happening to you? It looks like your payment profile was created and then canceled right after. You were never charged and that is why you are still a Free member. Please try again and see if it works properly this time. Make sure not to downgrade right after you upgrade since this will downgrade you to Free right away. Also, it may take a few minutes for your payment to go through after you upgrade so please be patient.

I pay MasterCard and the system is writing: Cancelling recurring profile due to missing transaction id. What does it means?

It appears that your credit card is refusing to accept a recurring payment from the site. You should contact your credit card provider to find out what the problem is. We unfortunately have no way of knowing what the specific issue might be, as the payment is all made through PayPal.
You can also try purchasing a 6-month membership if you like. This option should work since it is not a recurring payment. Please see the link that Mark posted above.

Thanks Alex, i will try to solve it))

@ goldenwing - We are following up with Paypal on your error message to see if they can give a better idea of the problem. We’ll let you know if we find out any more.

@ goldenwing - We have made a slight change to the payment system that should, at least, give a better error message to help us identify the problem. Please try to upgrade again and let us know what happens.