Problems with my highlighted words

Hi! I’ve been having a problem in my Italian imports. When I click on some of my highlighted words, the translation on the right shows a completely different word. Let’s say I clicked on the word “favorire” in the text to see what it means, and on the right it shows the word “circa.” I keep clicking on different words in my text, but am unable to see the correct word (the same word) on the right side. What am I to do? Help please!

Press F5 to refresh the page.

This is a known problem.
See here: The System Loses Track Of Which Lingq Corresponds To Whic...
and here: Wrong Word Highlighted - Language Forum @ LingQ

I hope it will be resolved soon since this lasts now for more than a month. Refreshing helps but if it is a long text it will last some seconds.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Is anyone working on correcting the problem ??? It is very annoying to keep refreshing the page all the time. Studying my texts in this site used to be a pleasure, but I can’t say that now.

@zkaplanova - we are very sorry about that. This issue is on our list. As soon as we are done with a few major things we are currently working on, we will find a solution for this issue. Sorry again for the inconvenience. We didn’t forget about it. Thank you for your patience!