Problems with lingqing

I’m having some problems when I lingq a new word, then the next time I pass the mouse over a word in yellow the meaning of the last word will appear. Let’s say in the sentence “I eat an apple”, the word “eat” is blue an “apple” yellow. Since I lingq as I read, I’ll lingq the word “eat”, write a translation, but the next word (“apple”) will appear in the small window as “eat”, with its translation. That makes the reading impossible, and it has been happening to me in different languagues. I hope you can help me, thank you!

This is an old bug. Just refresh the page (F5) to fix.

…or use some of the alternatives to LingQ that I am not allowed to mention here and that don’t have any bugs of this kind. Google will be your friend.

In my opinion, there is nothing online that has the power of LingQ. Unfortunately, one must pay a little money to unleash this power. It appears by your statistics Homo, you have not really used the system enough to evaluate it.

Typically, this only happens under rare circumstances.

I had evaluated LingQ since 2009 several times (and had also a paid account for one year or so, used it heavily). But some bugs and annoyances never vanished and will never vanish. It seems that you never evaluated the alternatives, they are all snappier and more powerful …

It happens often enough to be a real annoyance (since years now). This bug had been reported by VeraI and me (under different nicks) several times in the past.

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this! We had fixed this issue, though there now seem to be a few reports of this coming in. Would you let us know which browser you are using? Also, would you be able to provide exact steps on how to reproduce this?

What are they?

These may be very good extensions to LingQ, but LingQ - despite its occasional or long-term idiosynchracies (bugs) and, to me, at times inexplicable ways of re-inventing the wheel - remains unique in the flexibility it offers. Some of the more complex items on your list, such as LWT, may structurally be superior to LingQ, but they lack the LingQ element and are not the total package. LingQ has become like a beloved relative who sometimes drives us crazy, who can be stubborn and pig-headed, but otherwise enriches every gathering. And then, your post being a great demonstration of it, there is the Forum, a place of learning in its own right.

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@SanneT: Jedem Tierchen sein Pläsierchen…

You mean Learning With Texts? You are allowed to mention it here.

I used the software before giving LingQ a try. It is good, but not for me. I rely a lot on the user hints, which the other software does not have. LingQ is also getting better. A lot of the bugs are being fixed. The 10 bucks a month is a trivial amount of money for me.

There was an error similar to this for a long time related to changing the statuses of words, but it appears to have been fixed. Maybe this is the one you mean.

Could you tell me one that does what LingQ does?

“You are allowed to mention it here.”
Better not, and I can understand LingQ’s position on that.
The software’s abbreviation is banned and will be automatically converted to three asterisks: LWT

What I don’t understand: why LingQ doesn’t fix ALL the bugs and annoyances that are on their long, long list before implementing new stuff like this new forum and other silly things. I can’t believe it.

The 2nd and 3rd.

I think it is generally fine to talk about the other software on here. We have had several discussions about *** in the past. It is only when people sign up for accounts specifically to spam the forum with advertisements for the software that there is a problem. This happens regularly.

I think you are right. The bugs should be a higher priority than updates to the forum and things like that. On the website, most of the bugs that were around when I first joined have been fixed, but there are still a few. There was a brilliant update recently that make creating LingQs on the website much faster, which was a big step forward. The app has loads of problems that make it very difficult to use.

I tried the 2nd (Learning with texts) and must say that lingQ is much better. I suppose if one could not afford to pay the $10/month for LingQ this could be an alternative.

The third (Foreign Language Text Reader) does not interest me because I prefer a web based system. From what I can see LingQ wins hands down!

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