Problems with LingQing

I experience problems with the dictionary search during the last days. Often Babylon seems to find no definition of simple and common words. And if I click on ‘User hints’ I get no hints even when I saw them before. When I delete the LingQ and hover again over the blue word I see the user hint!

And it happened to me twice that Firefox didn’t work when I mark two words together to lingQ them. In the moment I hover over the two blue words the brower is ‘frozen’.

Babylon has been acting strangely for me as well, half the time it only shows me results from the Italian-German dictionary, which is unfortunate since I don’t know German.

@Vera - The issue with Babylon may be on their end, or they may have made some changes to their API again. We’ll take a look at this.

I tried to reproduce the highlighting issue in Firefox but was unsuccessful. Hopefully the new update will fix some of these issues, and if not then we’ll take a closer look.

How long is gonna take the Update?

Should be soon, we are testing now.

You have now the connection with a lot of dictionnaries, but with the most of them now it’s impossible to use!

I don’t trust the Babylon or Google. I like using the Lingvo, but now I can’t find the translation of this Dictionnary, because of the firm frame of the card it’s possible to see only the top of the page from Lingvo - without any translation!

And the frame doesn’t permit to see the translation -it’s below the frame of the LingQ card!

It means - I force to use only Babilon and Google in spite of all your rich choise of dictionnaries!

And now it takes me four times more to create a new LingQ card - it’s very pitty!