Problems with Lessons stopping

I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this, but for two of my imported lessons I’ve gotten to around the middle of the lesson and then it just doesn’t allow me to go to the next page. Hopefully this is just an initial bug that can be worked out!

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Sorry about that. We are familiar with the issue and we are looking into it.
It seems like opening and closing a few lessons and refreshing might solve the paging issue. We are trying to understand what the cause of this issue is.

Same here…

Can you guys please take a screenshot of error console of your browser and send it to support(at) It will help us figure it out. Thanks in advance!

Same. Instead of clicking the > symbol to change to the next page, I click on the green bar at the top and it moves. However, the annoying part is that if I have any word highlighted, it won’t allow me to and there’s the super annoying pop up appearing every time, so, like me, you may have to click on every word, add then and stuff to change page. Not loving the update

I have the same problem i cant press the arrow key to the next page.