Problems with lessons not loading in LingQ 4.0

I just became a premium member on LingQ and was looking forward to using the new 4.0 interface, but I am having a lot of problems with loading lessons. Either from the member’s welcome page or from the My Library area, when I try to open a lesson, I don’t get any content outside of the title and have the infinitely spinning loading icon. I have this issue with both the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome with clean caches. The current lesson I am trying to use is the Japanese version of Who is She? and it occurs with all of the lessons in that course. Occasionally the lessons did load, but most of the time I got the “no content with spinning icon” issue as stated above. The lessons seem to load normally in Classic Mode but the new 4.0 interface was what really caused me to become a paying member.

My system is Windows 10 with all updates. Also, I have included a screenshot of the problem.

Not premium, but just joined. Can’t do squat because of endless loading.

This does feel frustrating. Especially because I was ready to do a lot of Japanese reading today. I can use the classic mode of LingQ until 4.0 gets fixed, but the main reason I joined as a paying member was because of the 4.0 interface. To me, it is more convenient and useful, especially for Japanese characters. I hope it gets fixed soon. I guess for now, I am in “classic mode”.

I just encountered this for the first time last night. What seemed to work for me is going to my phone and opening the lesson once there. After that, the web interface worked again. I haven’t replicated it enough times to be sure if that wasn’t just coincidence, but it worked twice for me at least.

I’m having this problem too.

Sorry about that everyone. We will investigate the issue and let you know as soon as we fix it.

The issue should now be fixed. Thanks for your patience everyone!