Problems with imports since the last update

Through the forum, other users have suggested a number of great web podcasts, and youtube videos that have been great. I have been converting them to MP3 and importing the script from them . It was all working great up until the last system update you did.

Now I am finding that because they exceed 4000 words they are being broken down into three or four parts in lingq and also that some of the mp3 wont load because they are a bit over 60 megs in size.

I am now using Youtube without lingq more that I am using lingq which is not ideal.

Did you just put a new cap on the size of MP3 and amount of text? I am finding its reducing my ability to use lingq

Please comment if other people are having the same issue


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Actually 4000 words limits per lesson and 60MB audio limits were always there. We haven’t added it in the last update and we always had that restrictions for imports. Maybe you just never noticed it or never were above the limit I guess.
We actually increased words limit from 2000 to 4000 quite recently.

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