Problems with Dutch Mini Stories

I have found problems with the sound and translations in the Dutch Mini Stories:
Verheel 26
Sound corrupt at start in both sentence and page mode. Some early sentences have no sound.
Verheel 27
Ik kom uit Nederland,Duitsland is dus erg dichtbij
Translated in sentence mode as: I’m from the United States so Germany is very close
In ‘…’ translation (original English?)
I’m from the United States
So Canada is very close
Such errors are probably widespread in the Dutch Mini Stories.

Does it say 'verheel 26 '? It should be ‘Verhaal 26’.

It says “Verhaal” as it should, all good there.

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed lesson 27. Lesson 26 seems to have different audio at the beginning, looks like person who recorded it somehow made mistake in the first few sentences. I’ll have that audio replaced in a few days.

Sorry, I was copying by hand.

Thanks! The ‘…’ version is still United States/Canada. I presume this is acceptable.