Problems with credit card

Mark, soon after you’ve send me the information that it is impossible to debit membership due I’ve explained current situation. I’ve beg you not to reduce my membership status. You’ve confirm my proposal. But now my status is reduced. Is there any reason for this not understandable reaction?


Your payment failed to go through for the third time today and your account was automatically downgraded since the system will not try to charge you again. That is how our system works. For whatever reason, your new card details did not work. Sometimes this can happen because our payment processor doesn’t process the correct payment information. At any rate, now that your account has been downgraded all of your payment details have been cleaned out. If you upgrade again, it should work fine and you will be back in business! :slight_smile:

No prob for me. I’ve done this a few moments ago and it seems to work fine. However, it would have been nice if I had been informed before my account has been downgraded. By the way other payment issues haven’t been failed. That’s the way IT systems are going with us I guess. Thanks a lot for your effort anyway.