Problems with creating LingQs

I have had some problems with creating LingQs. I used to read my lessons in “Standard View” but I can’t do this anymore because this function isn’t loading, sometimes the text appears with unknown words highlighted in blue, but this function for choice of lingQ not. In the way “QuicklingQ View” is working perfectly, but it is more annoying to use. So, what should I do to solve this problem?

@osaka_san - I’m not exactly clear on what the problem is. Unknown words are always highlighted in blue. Is this not happening? Blue words don’t always have previous user hints available to click on. Then you have to click “New Hint” to create your own hint. You can only choose a previous hint if another user has already created a hint for this word from the language you are studying into your language.

Actually, when I position the cursor in unknown words doesn’t appear none option for me to create lingQs.

Does this happen for all blue words? Do the yellow words work fine? What browser are you using? Have you tried ctrl refreshing to clear your cache?

This problem is happening with yellow words too and I use the internet explorer. I will follow your suggestion, thanks.

I had the same problem as osaka_san. In my case clearing cache helped (I use Firefox).