Problems with Chrome and Tagging

For the past few days or so, the application often doesn’t allow me to create a tag when using it in Chrome. I click on tag and nothing happens, while everything else seems to continue to work fine.

It doesn’t seem to happen in Safari.


@CTaylor - We’ve noticed this too, and have it on our list. It seems to function a bit strangely, working properly sometimes and not working other times. If it isn’t working for you, try refreshing the page or switching back and forth between a couple of different LingQs to see if that helps.

It is a pain using lingq in chrome for sure. I don’t why it is so.

@OzzyHellBack - Do you mean the issue with tags, or are you having other issues in Chrome as well?

Sometimes, when I am on a page that seems to be completely load. I try to click on the down arrow either on the learn, exchange, or task. It doesn’t load it, but when I look at the broswer tab. It says the page is still loading.

@OzzyHellBack - Ah, yes. We’ve noticed that from time to time - it seems to be related to some of the external services we rely on, as they can be slow to respond sometimes. We’re keeping an eye on this, and will see if we can do anything to help reduce the delay.

Thank you Alex!