Problems with Chinese Lingq

I’m working on the talk radio transcripts at the moment. Often within the text there is a lot of English words. The problem is as follows.

  1. I mark the English words as ‘ignore’
  2. The recording are long and so I don’t finish the whole text in one go (though I don’t think this matters).
  3. I leave the lesson.
  4. Later I come back to the lesson.
  5. I have been placed at the start of the lesson.
  6. All the English vocabulary is blue again.
  7. I have to swipe all the way through the lesson marking the blue English words and ignore and then find my place where I left off from my previous reading of the text.

Note this is oniPhone latest version of Lingq.

I am not a member of Lingq’s staff, so maybe they can help you better. However, I would say this is just unavoidable, you should just mark the English words as known words. The number of “known words” in lingq is anyways an inaccurate measure of “really known words in the target language”, it is basically a measure of progress.

delectric shouldn’t have to do that. They should be ignored. It works in German (ignoring English), and I don’t need to complete the lesson. It will also drop me where I left off so something doesn’t sound right. Hopefully Zoran can help.

One thing I thought of. Depending on where you leave the lesson, it may *go back" a certain amount. I think it will go back to the last “yellow” word you left off with. So, if say, marked a couple of pages of English as ignored…it may go back a couple of pages to your last yellow word. I do notice this to some degree on mine. You might just want to fight through to another yellow word. Or maybe select a word and mark it yellow as a “bookmark”. Not sure if this would work. Might be nice if they have a bookmark feature in the future though.

Exactly this is only happening with Chinese. As Jokojoko83 highlights the known words is an inaccurate measure but I really don’t want start marking words from other languages as known especially in Chinese when it’s a different script completely (maybe I’m just a pedantic). Either way, I’m pretty sure this is a technological issue first and foremost. Even if it’s not a major hassle for most it doesn’t reflect well on the usability of lingq.

This seems to be happening to me on the web version also.

Hopefully the 5.0 version includes a programming team that can make a stable version. So many problems, so much of the time. It’s a disgrace for a paid product, really.

Can you please provide link to that lesson? I’ll check that. Words should remain ignored.
What you can do, to avoid problems, is to open lesson editing and simple remove English parts of text.

Hi Zoran, You can try any of the lessons in these group of lessons.

If you need one lesson in particular then this one has some English

I’ve found the English words come up blue when re-opening in the web version too. I think this is across all lingq lessons. It’s just that with these particular lessons going on for 40 minutes being bumped to the start of where the English word is, is really annoying.

Thanks, lesson needed to be re-split. After I re-split it, white words are back to white again.

Hi Zoran, everything was good but now it’s gone back to the same problem! Just found this problem today again when restarting another lesson I didn’t finish yesterday.

Send me a link to that lesson and I’ll fix it.

Zoran, jfc, please stop messing around with my lessons.

You’ve already deleted hundreds of my lessons stuffing around and messing around with them.

Quit it, already.

OP if you don’t like the course, please try another one. Please don’t invite admin to stuff around with it.

edit: Outside of the course Zoran previously stuffed up and deleted, this course in question is generally the most popular course in the Chinese library. It took literally years of my life to pull the transcripts together. Last thing I need is another lingq friggin admin messing around and killing it, or inviting users to play around with it.

Seriously, quit it already Zoran.

jfc, Zoran, I am not kidding around, quit killing my lessons.

You’ve killed 146 of my lessons to date.

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