Problems with challenge coins (listening & reading)

for both of my challenges, the coins for listening and reading remain at zero. Any ideas of how to solve this? I find the challenges motivating but at the moment there’s no point in doing them because there is no way to win them without hitting the target for listening and reading

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We are familiar with the issue and we are looking into it. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Zoran, My question might be related to this post.
Could you tell me please, if my 90 day challenge for the period 2023-03-01 - 2023-06-01 is still active or not? Have I failed it or do I still have the opportunity to complete it? It seems that my ranking is changing, but my coins don’t change at all.
I wasn’t able to do my streak for a couple of days, then I left the challenge and then I rejoined it. Hence my confusion.

What challenge exactly did you join?

This is the challenge I joined:
90-Day Spanish Challenge
Starts 2023-03-01 | Finishes 2023-06-01

If you rejoined, you are part of the challenge again, but once you left it your coins got reset, so you need to catch up again now to be in the list of the first 100 in rankings.