Problems with audiofiles

I’ve noticed problems with audiofiles of Flashcards and LingQ articles when I tried to use Firefox for it.
Does anyone have similar problems?
By using Internet Explore I can listen to the materials from the lingq library, but I can’t hear the flashcards.
It’s pity.

Попробуйте откатиться до 12-ой версии.
Тема поднималась No Text To Speech Audio - Language Forum @ LingQ

I’ve returned to the Firework 12 - no solution!
I can’t listen anything in Lingq by using Mozilla.
I had to use some bypass using Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome.
How do you Fireworks and what versions??

I have completed dozens of lessons in Firefox 12 without a problem. However, after upgrading to Firefox 13, the audio widget stopped working (pressing the play button ( > ) fails). So I tried it in IE9 but got the same result…nothing. Finally, I tried it in Chrome where it played normally. Although I’m happy with using Chrome for Lingq, I would like to understand what may have caused the problem in the first place…and whether I should revert to Firefox 12 which is my default browser. Any ideas?

This error is actually caused by a bug in Firefox 13. We hope to have this fixed soon, but it is quite a complicated fix and may require some time. It would be best to temporarily use another browser or install Firefox 12:

(Simply click the country code then download the correct file)