Problems with android app

The mp3 isn’t loading all the way. I added a 30 minute audio file and it only showed 16:50. It’s been doing this for the past few days.

It also will just stop the audio all together, but the time will still be going.

It is disrupting my ability to learn and I hope LingQ fixes this quickly.

I am sorry to hear that! Do you have that issue only with that one audio you imported or with any other lesson you try to load?

I almost only use material I import. I tested on one piece of material I didn’t upload and it was fine.

I found a problem with the android app as well. When I choose to show only “beginner 1” the lessons don’t appear.

But I don’t know which version of Lingq I’m using in my cell phone.

In that case it must be some problem with the audio you imported. Please send us a link of your imported lesson to zoran(at) and we will take a look.

Hi Lucas, for which study language you have that issue?

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I found another problem. In Chinese, some words of two characters do sometimes split on two pages. In that case you cannot look up the single characters, nor link the word of the two characters.

Hi Zoran. I had that issue with all languages I tried (English, French, and German). I just updated and the problem remains.

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I also have a couple of problems with the android app parameters:

  1. the tabs setting (called ‘paramètres de tabulation’ in the french interface) are not saved, and I have to reset them every time I relaunch the application, or even change language

  2. the ‘paramètre des ressources’ (‘ressources parameters’ may be) seem to be unique for the application. But I study several languages, and at completely different levels, so I need to change these settings each time I switch from one language to another.

Hi Silvia, can you please send us an example lesson with that issue to support(at) Thanks!

Hi @tosca, thanks, I’ll check that.

This is one of them. There are multiple

Could you have that whole course checked out? There are a couple that won’t play the entire audio on the mobile app

Thanks Lucas, I was able to reproduce that issue and I’ll report it to our Android developer. We will get it fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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Hi again @tosca, I am unable to reproduce issue 1 you reported. Tab Settings are saved for me, even if I change the language or re-lauch the app. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Things seem to have change a bit: both tabs and ressources settings are now saved, but they affect all the languages. So I don’t find any way to set up the level as ‘beginner’ for one language, and ‘advanced’ for another.

Today the initial tabs setup has reappeared. So my own customization has not been kept either.

Hi Keith,
Can you check again and let me know if you are still experiencing issue with audio in the course you mentioned? Thanks!

I have not, thank you for your help.

I have some issues with the app too. Like someone above mentioned sometimes the audio will stop playing but the counter will keep going. It seems to mainly do this in playlist mode, playlist mode appears to be where I’m experiencing the most issues. Also when I’m on the lock screen and skip to another track it does nothing. I’m currently trying to study with the mini stories so it’s quite confusing when I click on the audio for story 4, go to read the text but story 2 is playing, for example.